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Celebrate the Joy of Giving This Christmas Season

December 13, 2006

Celebrate the Joy of Giving This Christmas Season


The Christmas season is a time for giving. The joy of giving is one of the tenets of the holiday and helps form the magic surrounding the Christmas season. When you think about Christmas, the joy on the face of a child who has just received a gift is one of the first images that come to mind.


Unfortunately, many children around our state will not get to experience the magic this year. For many, there will be no gifts on Christmas morning, and little happiness on this most special day.


As the holiday season approaches, I urge you to take a moment and remember all of Alabama’s children who are in need. We should all try to make sure every child can share in the Christmas magic.


The Toys for Tots Foundation, sponsored by the United States Marine Corps Reserves, provides happiness and hope to disadvantaged children who might otherwise be overlooked during the holiday season. Started in 1947, the Toys for Tots campaign works to collect unwrapped toys during the holiday season and distribute them to needy children in communities around the country. Last year, Toys for Tots delivered more than 18.5 million toys to over 7.4 million children.


There are currently more than 13 million children living in poverty across the nation, thousands of which are right here in Alabama. Toys for Tots needs your help more than ever to achieve our goal of delivering a toy to every child in need. You can drop off a toy at the various locations throughout the state or at the Toys for Tots headquarters located in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and Montgomery.  


However, sometimes toy donations aren’t enough. People often donate similar toys, or donate toys for certain age groups, while other ages are left neglected. Cash donations, however, allow the Marines to better ensure children receive both age and gender appropriate toys. Because the Marines are often able to buy toys in bulk at deeply discounted prices, more cash equals more toys.


However, Toys for Tots isn’t the only toy drive around. Many churches, civic groups, schools, and libraries also participate in toy drives. It doesn’t matter what drive you give to, as long as you give. 


As Christmas quickly approaches, make sure that you donate your toys in time. Toys for Tots will take donations right up to a couple of days before Christmas. For more information, visit the Toys for Tots website at


No child deserves to be forgotten this Christmas. Give a child a gift and a message of hope. By donating your time, money, or a few toys, you can help make sure that every child in our state has positive memories of this Christmas. And those memories are part of what makes up the miracles and magic of the Christmas season.